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I Heart my Toddlers

Toddlers Here are my girls.  On the left is my oldest around age 2.5 using a wooden kitchen spoon to dig in the dirt.  She is six now.  On the right is my toddler, currently still a toddler.  She is showcasing her...
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80% off Black Friday!

Anatomy of Savings  photo blackfridaystockingstuffersmain_zps2994ba35.jpg
  • 2 pretend keys--buy one, get one free
  • 4 Revlon lip-gloss, 6.99--free after (4)$2/1 manufacturer coupon/(4) $4 extra bucks credit and (1)$5/25 CVS coupon
  • 1 wet 'n wild nail polish kit--Regular price 3.99, receive $2 extra...
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Happy Thanksgiving

cookHere is my sweetie last year helping mom with the Turkey.   It was our first thanksgiving with just our little family--me, my husband, Ally, Ashley, and Jacob was cooking in the tummy.  It was a huge turkey for such a small...
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December Preview

 photo Decemberpeek_zpsddc9cf76.jpg   My dear readers.  I wrote my first post for this website on October 14.  I've had so much fun, and it has been the thing keeping me sane during my husband's sometimes 100-hour work weeks.  Thanks so...
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A Sonnet for Courage

As I read through past writings, I realize my self-doubt is not a new problem.  I have struggled with it my entire life.  I hope that through writing, this blog, and my faith I can conquer my insecurities.  It is almost like, through writing, I am telling myself to give...
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A bit of fiction

Here is the first chapter of a book I called "Athena."  This character is inspired by a girl I met while volunteering at a hospital.  She was biracial and talked to me for hours about her life and how she felt stuck inbetween two worlds.  I only wrote the first...
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