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My name is Christina.  I love to laugh and create.   I am not a focused person, I am not a Type-A person, probably type Z.  The type that likes to do lots of things all at once–whatever letter that is!

You are visiting me on my first domain-owned, actual website–started October 2013. I suppose I should call this a “Mommy Blog.”  But I believe there is something here for everyone.

I am a hobby collector.  I can’t choose just one thing.  You’ll find crafts, ideas, lots of stuff in-between, and weekly lesson helps for my fellow Mormons who teach children.

I grew up outside of Detroit Michigan. I was the last child born in a family of 16 siblings (I am number 17–from one mom and one dad!). I attended college in Utah where I met my husband. I received a BA in Marketing and Advertising at Brigham Young University. I am currently in Florida with my husband and our four beautiful children.

If you would like to post some of my content on another website, or would like me to write a guest post for your website, or if you have any other inquiries, please email me.  I love to share reviews and company promotions. If you are a company looking for promotion through my blog, you can send those inquiries here as well — laughingandlosingit@gmail.com.