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Keep Those Precious Blankies Fresh with Downy


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I don’t spend a lot of money on my kids’ clothes.  There are so many cute things out there.  I know.  And there are so many great sales.  I could actually buy great clothes at a great price for my four munchkins.

But here’s the thing: my kids really know how to kid it up.  They are messy, happy, very tactile young people.  I love it that way.  If my kids look like someone may have dipped them in a dumpster at the end of the day, I think, “Wow, this was a full, fun, day!”  Then bathtime.


There are a few things that even my children don’t want to mess up.  Behold: the blankie stack:




Yes, the blankies are in a category of their own.  And if something doesn’t smell right, feel right, it is “Mom, you need to wash my blankie!”  Or in my toddler son’s case, “Mom can you put my blanket in the dishwasher?”  I know exactly what he means.  He wants a washed, soft, warm blanket.  Enter Downy Fabric Softener. 

One of my favorite games is to scoop up my kids after a bath, swaddle them up, and carry them around like a baby.  When I get to scoop them up in Downy-washed, warm towels it is an extra treat.  Add on top of that add a Downy-washed blankie and you have the most cuddly, still child you’ve ever seen.  They are taking in the warmth, the sweet smell, and of course the special mommy hug.

We love the smell and softness of Downy-washed clothes and blankets.  But did you know Downy actually PROTECTS the fabric in your most precious articles?  I had no idea! Downy softens, conditions, and strengthens the fibers in clothes, or blankies.  This gives those blankies and towels the perfect buffer agains all of that jostling in a wash cycle.

You can find Downy at Walmart with everyday low prices.

While I may not spend a lot of money on clothes, I do need the ones I have to last as long as possible.  They go through a beating during the day, and then again in the dishwasher–er–washing machine.  (Insert wink emoji).  Downy helps those clothes last longer, and keeps the precious items, like the blankie stack, strong, clean, and smelling amazing.

What items do you like to protect with Downy? 


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