Planner Sticker Printables

Cleaning Planner Sticker Printables

It is Spring.  Although here in Florida Spring lasts about two weeks and then it is pretty much summer!!!  That’s ok, the fresh air, chirping birds, and bright sunshine are perfect no matter the temperature.  Spring of course brings cleaning to mind for many of us.  For my Planner Junkie friends I’ve created Planner Stickers for just that–Cleaning.  What motivates a girl to clean?  Cute stickers in her planner of course!  I hate cleaning the bathrooms.  I hate it.  Sorry.  But somehow looking at this little toilet cartoon makes the job more bearable–welcome to the mind of a sticker junkie.

Here is a preview of the Cleaning Planner Sticker Printables – I’ve got ones with writing, and some with no writing.  I actually made these several months ago, but have been so busy it has taken me a while to get them up.  Anyhow, here are the previews.  Beneath the preview, you’ll see the Planner Sticker Printables PDF link in BOLD UNDERLINED letters.


Cleaning Stickers – No Writing

Free Planner Sticker Printable


THE PDF PRINTABLE:  CleaningToilets&MopsNoWriting


Cleaning Planner Sticker Printables WITH Writing

The Preview

Free Planner Sticker Printable


THE PDF PRINTABLE: CleaningToilets&MopsWriting

These Planner Sticker Printables are free however they are only for personal use and are not to be distributed to multiple people in any form.  Feel free to send the link to friends, but just print for yourself.  


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If you like these stickers, and use them, please tag or give me a shout out!!!  Here is my Planner instagram @LaughAndPlanIt  I’d love for as many people to enjoy these as possible.

Now if only the actual cleaning were as fun as the planning to clean—HAHA!  Have a great day

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