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DIY Pots of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

Pots of Gold St. Patrick's Day

Here’s How to Make Them

You’ll Need: 

  1. Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
  2. Light cardboard (I used some from a cereal box)
  3. Gold wire from Dollar Tree
  4. Gold Spray Paint, Sealer (optional)

Pots of Gold 1

Pots of gold craft wire

To make the bottoms:

Bottom of Bucket

 Cut a piece of cardboard slightly larger than your TP roll piece.  Then bend the excess inward, and push to the bottom lined with Tacky Glue.  Turn over the bucket and allow to dry.  This is the same method I used for my Valentine Favor Buckets

If you don’t have spray paint, try these ideas:

  1. Gold glitter!  spread glue all around the outside and roll in glitter.  This would be FAB!
  2. Gold foam sheets–this can be found at Dollar Tree in a packet in the craft section.  Also found at WalMart
  3. Gold paint
  4. Gold paper–line the bucket with gold paper and adhere with tacky glue

How to use these buckets

  1. St. Patrick’s day party favor
  2. A little thank you with a treat and note for a teacher “I’m lucky to have you as my teacher.”
  3. A St. Patrick’s day scavenger hunt, where they have to find the pots of gold with a little prize.
  4. A lure for a lepricon!

If you like this craft, please share or pin.  MANY THANKS!

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