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Easy Petit Fours Tutorial

I love little pastries that you pop in your mouth.  It is a full-flavor delight in a tiny package.  Somehow the smallness of it makes you feel less guilty about indulging…until you make up for the size by eating 22–but that’s another discussion for another time.  Right now, here it is:

Petit Fours Recipe


Petit Fours

This is my second attempt at this lovely little confection.  The first time was a terrible mess.  I tried making the cake from scratch, the filling, AND the glaze.  I had uneven squares stacked on top of each other covered in a white goo–it was like Frosty the snowman midway through his demise in the sunshine.

Then I was at Publix the other day and they had Buy one Get One on pound cake!  Hmmm.  Pound cake is sturdy–I would try that!!!! So I did and they were AMAZING.  Instead of the traditional petit fours icing, I used chocolate genache because it is the best, easy to make, and less dribbly.  I used a little more chocolate than cream to give it more stability.

Now here’s my video.  We’ll talk about tips and pointers after you get an overview of how these Petit Fours work.

Video Tutorial

If for some reason the embedded video isn’t showing–here’s a direct link to the YOuTube Video

Keep In Mind…

These are “Easy” in the sense that the pre-bought pound cake is already finished and it is just a matter of filling cutting and dipping.

Good Ingredients Always Win –  You CAN use store bought filling, but I highly recommend making the fillings from scratch.

Experiment – I only used chocolate ganache–maybe you like white chocolate, or you want to try actual petit fours frosting–here’s a good recipe for that

chill, chill, chill —  If things start to fall apart, it’s probably because you didn’t let your cake chill between steps.  COLD CAKE IS MUCH EASIER TO WORK WITH!

I Can’t Get the coating– If you’ve tried my skewer method for coating the cakes, and the cake is shedding like crazy into the chocolate, just pour a spoonful OVER the top of the little cake instead.  You’ll get pretty little dribbles down the side and they will still taste great.



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