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A Big Fat Dream — UP & Running! — ETSY

One of my big, fat dreams…you remember the post..is actually happening. I’ve had 6, repeat, 6 orders in my new Etsy shop and I am so thrilled. No I have not made my investment back, (new equipment, materials, and time) but things take time. Just the fact that 5 strangers wanted to buy my creations makes me actually giddy.

Here’s the shop: LaughAndLoseIt.Etsy.com Yes I need to add a blog button very soon.

I’m focusing right now on stickers and stationary but hope to broaden eventually even into selling original artwork.

What’s the point of this post?  I guess to let you know that dreams really really can come true.

If you are passionate about something, research everything, devour it, learn all you can, and make it happen.  Hard work and dreams combined make a pretty incredible outcome. Setbacks will happen, but that is ok.  Keep dreaming, keep believing.

I gave myself until December of this year to make the shop work.  I’m ahead of schedule. I’m going to keep going at a steady pace and tackle the other two big fat dreams.  FAT being a key word for one of them, sorry, had to.

You can and must dream as a mom.  An unfulfilled mom is an unhappy, distant, sometimes unavailable mom.  I’ve known her.  I’ve been her.  So keep dreaming.  Thanks for everyone who has supported me and will continue to support me.  I love you people.  Keep dreaming.  Did I say dream?  DREAM.  but don’t forget that dreams take very difficult, yet rewarding, hard work.

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