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Free Printable Pencil Planner Stickers

I’m loving my Erin Condren Planner.  It is helping me be much more productive, which makes me tired, but the good kind of tired.  It is the kind of tired where you sleep like a baby because every minute was spent doing something!  I just need to work on flexibility–because things aren’t set in stone especially when you have two in diapers.  They change the plans ALL the time!  I’ll work out the kinks in my system, but it is certainly better than before where I felt I was just putting out fires all day.

No more damage control, instead damage prevention by being prepared.  ANYWAY!  I’m also rekindling my love for graphic design (though I am just a beginner).  I’m making printable stickers for my fellow #PlannerJunkie people! I know I COULD charge people for these and open an Etsy shop, but honestly, that would take the joy out of it for me.

Pencil Planner Stickers

Here they are–And I use these for homework deadlines to help my oldest, and other school/writing items in my planner.  You can use the JPEG below, or the PDF which I’ll post below.  If you have photo software, or even Microsoft WORD, you can add your own text on top of these pencils.  Print on your sticker paper, cut, and woohoo!  Here’s the paper I use – Avery 8165.  

Free Printable Pencil Planner Stickers

I am happy to offer these free I just ask that you do not distribute them, however, you MAY send my link to anyone you like to print these themselves!

PDF Version of the above stickers:


And for my Blogger Planner Junkies: 

The below PDF has a few with the heading “Blog Post Due”



I hope you enjoy this printable, and stay tuned, I hope to have free stickers posted weekly!


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  • Terri Robinson
    April 20, 2017

    I love these! I have used them all this school year to keep.track of my daughters online classes.

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