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Frugal Friday – Cheap Tide

brand laundry detergentI’m a brand snob, no not lulu lemon,  or even Gap.  I’ll buy my clothes at Good Will and garage sales, because we are trying to cut back.  I am a regular-stuff brand snob.  If I’m buying zip bags I will not buy the Wal-Mart brand, I must have Ziploc.   If I’m buying paper towel Bounty is numero uno.  And I’ve tried cheap laundry detergents, but it just feels wrong.  I need my tide.  I need my high end laundry detergent…ya know to take care of my really expensive clothes…or, something.    That feature image took me way too long to create on Photoshop.  JUST FYI.

The only generic brand that has come close to the real thing is Kirkland–COSTCO.  They have the best of the non-brand knock-offs.  I have even purchased their garbage bags and been very happy.   But there is no Costco in town.

I can’t tell you exactly why I prefer tide.  It’s just built in now; they have a customer for life.  I suppose you could compare my tide loyalty to the basketball player who wears the same socks for good luck.  It’s a habit now.  Or when you fold your clothes a certain way, a friend comes over to help, and they have done it all wrong.  Not wrong, really, just different.  The sameness of Tide is so comforting to me.  So when I see an awesome deal on tide, I run.  I even broke my newspaper-purchasing break just so I could get this deal.  I bought four papers with the tide coupons.

Here’s the deal on four bottles of Tide from CVS: (This deal is still good until 12/7/13)

Tide detergent (4) $5.94, use (4) $2/1 tide coupons, use (1) $5 extra bucks credit (from last week’s purchase)

Here’s the math:

5.94 X 4 = 23.76 -8 (coupons)  = 15.76 – 5 (extra bucks)  = 10.76  PLUS $5 Extra Bucks for next time!!  Because I consider Extra Bucks cash, that’s a total of $5.76, with tax around $6.50 for four bottles of tide!  I paid about $1.63 per bottle, not bad for fancy-brand detergent!!   And now I can sleep at night knowing my clothes have been cared for by tide.

  • Suzanne
    December 6, 2013

    Great job where can I get the tide coupon?

  • Rachel G
    December 7, 2013

    Now I know that’s a good deal for Tide! I’m no brand snob. My husband says it’s because I grew up overseas. It’s store-brand everything for me when it comes to food and cleaning supplies, basic house supplies…unless I happen to get a better deal on a name brand, then of course I’ll take the name brand!

    • admin
      December 8, 2013

      Good for you, cause its much cheaper. I think its my slight OCD that makes me buy the same things. Thanks for stopping by again!!

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