LDS General Conference Note Taking Stickers Printable - Laughing and Losing It

LDS General Conference Note Taking Stickers Printable

LDS General Conference 2015 Printables


So it is that time of year again where me and my fellow Mormon friends get to hear from our leaders in a world wide conference. In honor of this special time, and in conjunction with my recent #PlannerStickers obsession, I put together this free printable great for kids and Adults!

Here’s how it works:

  • Print the PDF below of your choice on full-page sticker paper, then cut them out.
  • When you hear something applicable during conference, stick down the sticker!
  • Create engaging, cute notes while listening.
  • Color them however you like (COLORING WHILE LISTENING??  Well, yes, if you’re like me (Attention Deficit much?), doing something rather mindless with your hands actually HELPS you focus and listen.  I WILL be doodling while listening.

But I don’t have full-sheet sticker paper!

That’s ok, here are some other options:

  • cut them out and grab some DOUBLE SIDED TAPE, and stick them down as you go!
  • Cut them out and use glue dot things
  • Or run to the store, (Any office supply store–they may even have these at big box stores) and treat your family to some full-page sticker paper for this occasion.

This may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, the kids will love it.  It is something different than just a coloring page, and they actually have to listen!

Holler if you have a cutting machine like cameo or cricut, cause I’m jealous -and you might be able to use those machines on the files I provide below.  If not, let me know how to reformat them.  

My eight year old is THRILLED to take her first serious notes this conference. 


Your Options:

1. Stickers with writing

General Conference 2015 Kids Printable

These have some phrases that I know I would focus on during a talk.  Namely, quotes, scriptures, impressions (That’s the light bulb!) And also things I gain, or things I should do after listening.  Don’t like what I wrote?  no problem!

Option 2. No Writing

General Conference Printables for Kids

Take these ones and go crazy.

The printables:

You can either open the above preview images in a new tab, and print from there, or download the PDF Printables provided just below:






I made these on a whim, and I know there are other clipart images I could make.  What other stickers would you like to see?  If I can pull of some magic, there’s a chance I could post them before Saturday.  If not, I’ll save the ideas for next conference.

Have a great weekend!


I am not an official spokesperson for the LDS Church; I’m just a Mormon mom who loves to teach! 

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  • Bonnie
    May 7, 2017

    Very cool idea. I came across it too late for last month’s conference, but with plenty of time until October! Thanks for sharing your talents.

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