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Little Swimming Olympian & Pampers

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G #LetsPowerTheirDreams

We love to watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  We sit, eat a snack for…champions (cookies?) and admire the amazing work that has brought the athletes to this point in their careers.

I’ve got a few olympians at home.  Sure they’re not on a global stage, but they’ve certainly won gold in my heart.  Swimming has been our sport this summer.   If I’m being honest, it is the ONLY sport–try running in 100 degrees 95 percent humidity!!! And guess who has shed the baby float for the first time?
Yup!  My little man is sans float.  He wasn’t going to watch his older sisters doing real swim strokes while mindlessly bobbing on the sidelines.  No way!  “Mom I want to swim like a big boy,” he said.  And he did, right into my arms.  There is nothing like positive peer pressure to reach a little higher.  There’s nothing like being inspired.

Olympian Dana Vollmer and Team USA have certainly inspired my budding swimmers to keep at it.  And it’s great to know that when I buy Pampers® Swaddlers Diapers at Walmart for little guy, I am supporting Team USA.  P&G Brands at walmart support our althletic heroes!
Pampers® Swaddlers Diapers have Extra Absorb ChannelsThat evenly distribute wetness for up to twelve hours.  That’s awesome, because you know what makes little guy sleep for a long time?  A long day of swimming.  So he is cozy in bed, dreaming of tomorrows pool adventures while the Pampers Absorb-Away Liner pulls wetness from his skin.  And a bonus for mom–the wetness indicator.  This is a little line that changes color when it is time for a change.

You can find Pampers Swaddlers at Walmart as well as other P&G products at every day low prices.  Choose to buy P&G, and choose to support the dreams of our Olympic heroes.
We watch The Olympics, then we have to try it for ourself.  A little sport in the pool with my guy.  A perfect way to celebrate summer and The Olympics.

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  • Natalie
    August 11, 2016

    Adorable photos of your olympian 🙂

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