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Make Goals that Scare and Excite You

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the power of positive thinking–yes that IS a title of a popular book.  Haven’t read that one, but just looked around in general in the field of “Self Help.”  Not that I’m in a terrible rut or anything–I just wanted to tap into things that really make me excited. I tend to be excited, but then get distracted, and excited about something else…then disappointed that I didn’t actually accomplish much.


I created this hashtag on my new all-things-creative Instagram page, #DreamsThatScareAndExcite.  I shared three of mine.  Now why should a goal scare me?  Because it is so big and seems pretty crazy, that’s why!  Why should a goal excite me!? Because it is something I’ve been thinking about a lot but haven’t really committed to or put into action.  Putting #DreamsThatScareAndExcite on paper is the first step.

Here’s what I shared on Instagram.  An Illustration of my three big ones, rolling out, quite literally.




#1 Finish the Weight Loss

I’m at my lowest in years, but at a stand still.  I’ve given myself a timeline.  I am so scared of failure on this one.  I really am.  But there it is.  30 pounds by Feb 2017.  Not only is that doable, but it is VERY doable.


#2 Create a Succesful Etsy Shop

I do have a shop out there.  But to be honest, it was created on a whim using my iPhone. This time I am going to be systematic and purposeful.  I love to create, and making it a part of my living only makes sense.  Although I may start listing things early, I wanted to give myself plenty of time to work out the kinks.


#3 Zero Debt in 3 Years Time

If you knew the number attached to our name, you would say I am absolutely crazy.  12 years of school after high school is no joke–I just did the four year rout, but husband is on year TWELVE!  That’s ok.  This is the plan, and I’m sticking to it.


My Challenge for YOU!

Write down three #DreamsThatScareAndExcite and share it on social media using that hashtag.  I’d love for this to spread as a wave of people putting faith in their abilities to do great things.  I have ONE person on Instagram who is doing it.  Part of me says, “This will never spread,”  but that is the part of me who was too afraid to write my goals down in the first place.  Even if I JUST get the one person involved, I’ll have done what I wanted: inspired someone.

Write it down and LOOK AT IT.  The Power of visualization is very real.  

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