Mixed Media Marvel Comics Card - Laughing and Losing It

Mixed Media Marvel Comics Card

If you read my post a few posts ago about Filling Up; you’ll remember that Art, I’ve come to the conclusion, is a very important part of my being.  It fills my spirit and challenges my creativity.

I ENJOY paper crafting, I ENJOY painting.  It is easy to push myself in those areas.  But when I try something that is so foreign to me, I want to run and hide.  I think it is mostly a huge fear of failure.  That’s a big stump in the road for me in a lot of things.  But that’s a post for another time.

So what’s so foreign here?  I’ll tell you.  A paper craft penpal who requested a marvel themed flip book.  Again, for those of you who are unfamiliar, flip books are basically greeting cards on crack that you stuff with paper goodies and stickers.  Anyhoo, I know very little about marvel comics and the characters in them.

I also know very little about mixed media art.  So what did I do?  I challenged myself not only to tackle a tricky subject matter, which is far removed from my oh-so-cute-and-girlie aesthetic, but ALSO to tackle a new medium.  ER.  Media, Mediases whatever. MIXED MEDIA.

Here’s the result in a youtube video share I compiled.



I did it, I’m ok with it, but am not sure I’m ok with mixed media.  Not sure if it is my thing.  You really have to be bold and brave.  I’m still pretty timid in my artistry.  If you’re interested, go on Instagram and search #mixedmedia– you’ll find AMAZING works of art.  My other hang up is ALL THE STUFF.  There are a lot of bits and pieces in mixed media.  And I have a storage and little people issue.  I may come back to it.  We’ll see.

Oh and YOUTUBE videos still scare me so badly.  I act like a timid cat.  I don’t sound like myself.  I know I need to pretend I’m chatting with friends.  But I’m not, I’m alone.  Any friends interested in donating cardboard cutouts of themselves to I feel less insane???  HAHAH!

But hooray for me trying something brand new, and sticking with it until the end.  Old me would have said AGGGHH, can’t.  Good job new me.  Good job.

I DARE you to try something, a project, activity, whatever, that is totally out of your element.  You might learn something about yourself!

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