Polymer Clay Christmas Wreath Tutorial - Laughing and Losing It

Polymer Clay Christmas Wreath Tutorial

I’ve just discovered polymer clay and me and my girls have been a little obsessed. I’ve made an Elsa (who looks like someone may have punched her in the face and chopped off her feet–ah well), and a few other little baubles. This Polymer Clay Christmas Wreath actually turned out really nice, so I’ve made a video tutorial for you!!!  Sculpt and bake, and gloss–and shazam, homemade christmas ornament!

polymer clay christmas wreath tutorial
You’ll see I have some fancy tools–don’t worry, you can use things around the house to make the same effect. Now here it is Polymer Clay Christmas Wreath Tutorial!!



If you’re having trouble seeing the Embeded Polymer Clay Christmas Wreath Tutorial, here is the direct link to the youtube video. Feel free to pause this one, it goes quickly because my poor iPad doesn’t have much room for my videos.

Also, if you watch this video compared to some of my first, you’ll see I’ve calmed down.  I’ve slowly shed my YouTube stage fright for a less spastic performance.   ENJOY!


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