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Primary 3 Lesson 15 The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon




These lesson ideas and printables are based on Primary 3 Lesson 15 The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon.  The official lesson outline can be found here. 

Date Posted: April 18, 2015



Primary 3 Lesson 15 The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon Lesson Helps Outline:

In this post you will find:

  1. Friend Coloring Page
  2. Friend cut-outs to tell story
  3. Shining flashlight idea
  4. Matching cards and pictures
  5. “Golden” plates activity and take-home

1. Friend Coloring Page

This is a terrific coloring page of Joseph Smith retrieving the Gold Plates.  Print, and let the kids color.  Link to Friend Coloring Page


2. Friend Cut-Outs to Tell Story

These are great cut-outs of the important people in story.  Link to Joseph Smith Receives the Gold Plates Cutouts from May 2008 Friend


3. Shining Flashlight Idea

To keep the kids engaged as you tell the story, turn off the lights in the classroom.  Paste a picture of Joseph Smith on the chalkboard.  (It would be ideal to use the cutout in the link from item number 2 above).  Turn on the flashlight and shine it above the cutout or picture of Joseph Smith as you explain Moroni appearing.  When you have finished telling the story, ask a child to take the flashlight and shine it the number of times that Moroni appeared.  They should turn it on then off three times.  This visual will help the story stick in their heads!

4. Matching Cards and Pictures

I’ve created a matching game that corresponds to “Summary – Review Discussion” at the end of the lesson. It is a single page with cards to cut out.  5 cards have the pictures, and 5 cards have the questions from the manual.  Turn them over and play a matching game or simply have them all in view and help the kids match the word cards to the pictures.  You’ll have to open the PDF to see what I’m talking about.

Cards PDF Printable: Lesson15MatchingCards

5. “Golden” Plates Activity and Take-Home

Create a Plate for each child by cutting out a piece of heavy cardboard.  Wrap the cardboard in aluminum foil (just as you would wrap a present, securing the foil with tape).

How to apply this activity:

  • Give each child a toothpick to “Engrave” some of their testimony on the “Plate.”  Younger children can draw a picture of something they believe in.  Explain that the prophets declared their testimony on the Gold Plates.
  • Use actual gold foil (I’ve seen it at crafts stores, and sometimes even in the grocery foil isle)OR have the kids color the front of aluminum foil with a strong, yellow marker.  My kids will have to make-do with regular foil because it is just an example.
  • Create a book for each child using TWO foiled pieces of cardboard, and paper in-between.  Bind the book with strings or rings.  Have the children use it as a journal.

Lesson 16 is UP

I am not an official spokesperson for the LDS Church; I’m just a Mormon Mom who loves to teach! 


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    I just love your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them.

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