Primary 3 Lessons 23 - 26 - Laughing and Losing It

Primary 3 Lessons 23 – 26

Hello Primary Friends!  Me and my family have some big events on the horizon this summer, and I’ve got to take a break from my standard Primary Help posts for a few weeks.   I could try to cram it all in, and make an effort to create printables, but if I’m being honest with myself, doing this will spread me too thin.  I’m a mommy first, although my go-getter, hyper self wants to be so many things all at once.


For lessons 23-26 I will try to type up some ideas that you can create on your own.  I can type fast!  It’s the printables that take a good amount of time as a beginner on my design software.  So, Check back to this post for lessons 23-26 for some ideas that YOU can create!  I plan to be back to standard posts for Lesson 27. 


Thanks for understanding, now to Lesson 23!


Primary 3 Lesson 23

“Sins Be As Scarlet” handout.


Take two pieces of paper.   small circles would be really cute.   Stack the papers.  The top paper will be white, on bottom will be red (or white and partially red).  On the Red paper print the Isaiah 1:18 phrases with “Scarlet” and “crimson,”  print the other phrases on the white paper.  (I have it spelled out for you below)

You will attach the papers together using a brad.  To do this: Stack the papers and punch a hole through both make sure not to punch a hole in the wording, then apply a brad so that the top paper (white) can swivel to cover the red, then open up again.

The red paper will say this:

though your sins be as scarlet



 though they be red like crimson, 


The white paper will say this


they shall be as white as snow;


they shall be as wool.


Read the scripture in its entirety, and have the children swivel the handout to cover the red, when the “White as snow” portion and “as wool” portion are read.  The white represents being clean, a new beginning, that’s why you put it on white paper. When the “as scarlet” and “red like crimson” are read, reveal the red paper underneath.  I hope that makes sense.  WISH I could make it for you!


If the wording on separate papers is too confusing, just put the entire scripture on the front (WHITE PAPER), and leave the red paper blank, so there is still the visual of the sins being removed, washed clean with white as the white paper on top covers up the red paper.


I am not an official spokesperson for the LDS Church; I’m just a Mormon mom who loves to teach! 

  • Merethemum
    June 20, 2015

    Good on you! Family comes first.
    have a great Summer and think of me over here freezing cold in our winter.

    • Losingit
      June 23, 2015

      How about we meet half way? You bring your freezing cold, I’ll bring my humid and HOT, and we’ll have a very pleasant temperature between us? XO!

      • Merethemum
        June 27, 2015!

        Now…how do we arrange this…??


  • Marjie Sunderland
    June 23, 2017

    You are unbelievable and such service to all of us who want Primary to be the best learning experience we can provide outside their home. I truly appreciate your creative spirit. Thank you for sharing your busy self with us.

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