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Snail Mail Flipbook – Valentines Day!



What in the world is a Snail Mail Flipbook?  Basically it is a greeting card ON STEROIDS (In the words of the Pen Pal who received this flipbook), that you send to a penpal.  There is a WHOLE Snail Mail community out there who are passionate about handmade paper crafts and share them the old fashioned way–via postal MAIL.  Just search the hashtag #snailmail on any social media–especially Instagram, and you’ll get a feel for what it’s all about.  Here’s a preview of the pages of my first Snail Mail Filpbook.


You have to admit it is terribly exciting to get something in the mail.  I love paper crafts, and making something that I am sending to someone who WILL appreciate it, and has the same passion for crafting, well, it is just fun. Snail Mail Flipbook — is the perfect way for crafters to connect.  So here’s the YOUTUBE overview of my first book.  Not gonna lie, I wanted to go out with a boom.  I put all the bells and whistles on this thing.  Hopefully I’ll have a tutorial soon.  ENJOY!


Here’s a little picture– I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH.  I need to take a class, put that on #156 of to-do list.  But just to get an idea.


Snail Mail Flipbook

One last thing–YOU MUST MUST send this in the mail between cardboard of some kind.  Mine got bent in the mail.  That is so me: spend hours on a project and fail to send it properly.  It wasn’t totally destroyed but certainly a little beat up.  WAAAAA.  Live.  Learn.

If you prefer to watch the actual YOUTUBE version–here’s a link to the video on YOUTUBE. 

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