Treats and Dieting - Laughing and Losing It

Treats and Dieting

I’m on a “Diet” technically.  Because I’m changing my caloric intake from what it used to be.  It used to be a lot.  Now it is not so much.  Since I started tracking my weight, I’ve lost about 1 to 1.5 pounds per week.  But there’s a lot of talk out there about how “Dieting” is not healthy, what you should shoot for is a “Life-Change” or a “Healthy Lifestyle.”  I guess my diet is more of the latter: an attempt at a life change.  I let myself eat treats.  Why would I do this while trying to lose weight?  Because I need this to last and if I cut treats, strict, none, never, I’ll cheat, then beat myself up, then give up.

Maybe you read my post last year “Redefine the word Treat,”  It was a good post, still is a good post, but it was written in the middle of a zero-sugar 30 day challenge.  Guess what?  I made it!  I ate zero refined sugars during that 30 day period.  No candy, cake, juice, cookies, nothing!  But sometimes it just felt weird.  Like at a party for instance, I did not eat any cake.  That’s good right?  I just don’t know.

The difference now is in quantity.  I allow myself a small taste instead of several dozen tastes.  I eat three pieces of chocolate every day, and a small bite of any “Surprise” treat.  For example, a Birthday party, or a friend who brings over baked goods would be considered surprise treats (this happens once every 1-2 weeks).  I feel like instead of cutting out treats altogether I’ve got to learn to control myself.  Treats are everywhere and no one is stopping me from eating them but me.

I have been controlling myself, eating just a small amount of treats, except for one thing.  Perhaps this is my sweet drug of choice: Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Cake, yes it is good, but very sweet.  Brownies are delicious but a little over-powering.  Ice cream gives me a stomachache.  But cookies.  They are warm, chocolatey, with just the right touch of salt and chew, and the clumps of deliciousness lingering in my mouth are bid a loving adieu with a cold glass of milk.  I can’t have just one chocolate chip cookie.  Or just five.

My Tastes will Change

Thats what healthy, very healthy eaters have been telling me.  If I cut out sweet treats entirely, I won’t even want them anymore. After a while, its true, the intense cravings for lots of sweets diminished in my 30 day challenge but I found myself just wanting a bite but not being able to bite.  I just wanted to experience the taste of it sometimes.  I’m doing it right now!  I’m just tasting!  I guess what I’m going for is called “MODERATION.”

Is there such thing as moderation with sweets, or is it all or nothing?  What do you think?  Now, if you have a moment, a hilarious sketch from Portlandia when the man tries to give up Pasta: This Pasta Sketch Speaks to Me When it Comes to Chocolate Chip Cookies

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