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Valentine Snailmail Flipbook 2

I’ve had so much fun really letting myself delve into creativity.  And to connect with a community that is as passionate about all things crafts makes it even better.

I made my second Valentine Snailmail Flipbook (an intricate card that I send to a penpal).  I am setting the bar pretty high for myself with these, so I don’t know how many I will do.  But I will say that it has inspired me to create some intricate keepsakes for my kids with lots of pictures and memories in one glittering package–more on those later.

Here is what the front cover of my Valentine Snailmail Flipbook looks like


Snailmail Flipbook


I’m trying to be a little more confident behind the camera.  And I mean that literally, I AM BEHIND the camera showing my Valentine Snailmail Flipbook.  I still don’t love showing my face, it make me feel terribly bashful.  So here are my HANDS and my second Valentine Snailmal Flipbook.  Oh I need to get a mani, and quick.  ONE MORE THING.  I accidentally uploaded this one in standard definition.  Sorry.  I’ll remember next time.

Here’s a link to the YOUTUBE VIDEO, or you can watch it below.




Let me know what you think.  I’ve got two more flip books in line to create.  Maybe I’ll get faster at them.  Anyway, let me know what you think!


Happy crafting1

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