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Multitasker: There’s a Razor for that – VENUS!

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Yes moms have to take care of themselves.  It is true.  It is important.  I could be better at it.  That’s ok.  One day at a time.  Some weeks it is just plain impossible.  Like last week: my girls’ last week of school.  I had volunteering, baking for parties, and trying to get my Etsy business launched.  Four kids and a stay-at-home job is no joke.  But I actually like it that way.  I love to be busy surrounded by the little people that melt my heart.  Surely it is a busy life, but it a full, happy, beautiful life.

Then I had a pool party planned at the end of the busy end-of-school week.  Exciting.  Fun.  Then I look down at my legs and find spooky prickles.  Not acceptable.  Do I have time for a shower, shaving cream, and lotion?  No I do not.  Enter the Venus & Olay razor.  Made specifically for moms like me–multitaskers.  No shaving cream required.




My Venus Razor looks pretty settled on a nook of our back porch patio draped in Spanish Moss.  And a lizard.  Yup.  Just noticed that right now. HAHA! Lizard, Spanish Moss, and HEAT–that’s North Central Florida for you.

Earlier I actually TORE the Venus & Olay package apart. With just 7 minutes before the pool party, I threw my leg over the bathroom sink and went to work.  Moisturizer AND shave cream are imbedded in the 5-blade razor.  NICE!  Because if I’m being honest, I’ve been in this shaving position before.  Just going to town with a bare razor.  Red marks be darned, I was going to be smooth!

No red marks this time, just a few minutes before the party.  A bit of water loosened some of the moisturizer and shaving cream BUILT IN to the Venus & Olay razor and I had the lovliest, FAST, shave.  Yes, indeed the Venus & Olay razor was made for the multitasker.

But maybe you don’t fit that category.  That’s ok.  Venus razors at Walmart have something that fits YOU, your needs.  Check it out. There’s three to choose from that fit you :


Just one day after the pool party I had a pedicure date scheduled with my dear friend.  Have you ever gotten a pedicure with prickly legs? You, probably not, you are totally with it.  I have!  The poor lady probably got her own exfoliating putting the lotion on porcupine calves.  Too much?  Maybe.  But that’s reality.  However, THIS time I was smooth as a frog bottom.  My fast shave over the sink WITHOUT shaving cream held out for this important friend date!

Here are some happy feet indeed.



The feet of a pedicured, relaxing mom, in her hammock, in the backyard, lizards and heat be darned.  You know, if everything else is a mess, looking down at pretty nails and legs gives me just a little sigh of, “It’s ok, I got this!”  You got it too!

Head over to Walmart and grab your Venus razor with everyday savings.  And take a minute, even if it is LITERALLY a minute, for you.  Your happy feet will thank you!


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